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Globo Ltd.
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Auckland 1351
New Zealand
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Mangere Central School 2012

Sue West is working with Mangere Central School to develop the 'TechPerts' and upskill core groups of students and teachers with eLearning.

Whangarei eLearning Project 2010-2012

Sue West is working with the following schools involved in the Whangarei eLearning Project:

Whangarei Intermediate
Whangarei Primary
Whau Valley School
Morningside School
Horahora School

RAW ICT Cluster 2010-2012

The following schools are participating in eLearning professional development with Globo Ltd.

Kaiaua School
Paerata School (Lead School)
Pukekawa School
Mangatawhiri School
Mercer School
Pukekohe East

Rakino Island Ratepayers Association Blog

Sue West Director of Globo Ltd., maintains the Rakino Ratepayers Association Blog.

Rowandale School eLearning

Globo Ltd. is working with Rowandale School to assist in developing regular video news that is housed on the Rowandale School News Blog. The students are learning creative filming skills and broadcasting to a wider audience than their school.

ActivLearning NZ - Writing Project

Globo Ltd., is working with ActivLearning NZ on an interesting project yet to be revealed to the public.

Youth Performance Trust

Globo staff are assisting with funding proposals for the Youth Performance Trust who provide fantastic events such as the Smokefree Pacifica Beats, youth leadership and mentoring.

Dairy Womens Network

The Dairy Womens Network provides professional development for women in dairying.
Sue West, Director of Globo Ltd will be speaking at the DWN Conference in Christchurch, May 2009. The focus will include using information and communication technologies to improve the efficiency for women in dairying across New Zealand. 

Click here to view the presentation and download.

ManTar ICT Project 2010-2012

Mantar stands for Manawatu - Tararua
Globo Director Sue West is providing mentoring services to the Lead Facilitator.
The following schools are participants in this project -
St James' Catholic School - Lead School
Aokautere School
Kumeroa-Hopelands School
Linton Country School
Somerset Crescent School
Terrace-End School.

Whangarei eLearning ICT Project 2010-2012

The following schools are participants in this project -
Whangarei Intermediate - Lead School
Hora Hora School
Whau Valley School
Whangarei Primary
Morningside School

iPlus ICT Project 2009-2011

The team at Globo will be working with the IPlus ICT Project to implement the new NZ Curriculum, explore diversity in and across the schools by using eLearning tools.

The iPlus ICT Project involves the following schools:
New Lynn School
Mt Albert Primary School
Kelston Intermediate School
Mangere Central School
Kohia Tce School

Great Barrier Island ICT Cluster 2008-2010

The Globo team will be assisting the Great Barrier Island ICT Cluster Schools for 2009. The following schools and organisations are involved:
Mulberry Grove School - Lead School
Okiwi School
Kaitoke School
Aotea Island Playcentre

Three Kings ICTPD Project 2008-2010

The Globo team were successful with winning the Three Kings ICTPD Cluster proposal for 2008-2010. The project includes the following schools -
Three Kings School
Sunnydene School
Carlson Special School
St Therese School

Learning Network New Zealand

Globo Ltd. has been contracted to work with the staff of Learning Network (NZ) for 2009. The Globo Team will be upskilling the staff on the latest Web 2.0 products to assist Learning Network (NZ) with providing the best possible service to the New Zealand education sector.

Global West ICTPD Cluster 2007-2009

Globo has been successful in assisting the following schools win the Information and Communications Technology Professional Development (ICTPD) cluster contract for 2007-2009 -
Swanson School
Birdwood School
Sunnyvale School
Royal Road School

Manurewa Intermediate School 2009-2011

Manurewa Intermediate School will be involved in ICT/eLearning including upgrading their current infrastructure and exciting ICT/eLearning. Globo Ltd. will be assisting the staff to best utilise their TELA laptops and new ICT/eLearning equipment in line with the New Zealand Curriculum.

Microsoft Innovative Schools Projects 08/09

Globo team members will be assisting the following schools with their successful Microsoft Innovative Schools Projects:

St James Catholic School (PN) - iCreate Project
This project is featured in Issue 15, May 2009 of Interface

Otahuhu Intermediate (AK)

Westhaven EHSAS Cluster 2007-2010

Globo Ltd. has been successful in assisting the following schools win the Extending High Standards Across Schools (EHSAS) contract for 2007-2010 -
St Mary's College (Ponsonby)
Auckland Girls' Grammar School
Ponsonby Intermediate School

Globo Ltd. is the external contractor, coordinating this project. The researcher for this project is based at the Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland.

MOE Virtual Learning Network -

New Lynn Primary School - 2007-2008

Globo is working with New Lynn Primary School to design and deliver a fun, hands-on approach to exploring the Key Competencies, Habits of Mind, Inquiry Learning and ICT. New Lynn Primary School is currently participating in a Talent Development Initiative (TDI) funded by the Ministry of Education.

St James (Palmerston North)

The team at Globo are working with St James School (Palmerston North) by designing and creating online surveys to assess staff needs and to monitor their progress through their ICT/eLearning professional development.

Mangere Central School 2008

Globo is providing eLearning opportunities via Web 2.0 based products for the staff of Mangere Central School. The teachers are working with still and moving images, podcasting, digital art and a number of other exciting eLearning tools.

Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland

Globo Ltd. is currently contracted to the Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland to work with eLearning Facilitators in Northland and Auckland.

Ako Nga Kura Cluster 2006-2008

The following schools are involved in the Ako Nga Kura Cluster:
Ardmore School
Clevedon School
Orere School
Hunua School
Bairds Mainfreight School

The Globo team is working with Clevedon School to provide indepth digital storytelling using the resource book, 'The Director in the Classroom'. The Globo team will also be exposing the staff of Clevedon School to a variety of new technologies and ICT integration ideas.

EBest ICT Cluster (Whakatane) 2007-2009

Sue West is assisting the EBest ICT Cluster with developing a strategic plan for the implementation of their ICT project. This involves developing beliefs, values and sound pedagogy to underpin the ICT.

The schools involved in the EBest ICT Cluster are:
Ohope Beach School
Allandale School
Apanui School
James Street School
Paroa School (Whakatane)
St Joseph's Catholic School

Otahuhu West ICTPD Cluster 2006-2008

Globo works with the staff at Otahuhu College to develop and implement ICT and Thinking Skills professional learning.

Otahuhu College has a 'Thinking Skills' group of teachers who have been providing professional development staff meetings at the College. The group has been introducing Hyerle's Thinking Maps and gathering evidence of student learning using the maps.

The 'Thinking Skills' group has established a wiki for information sharing and trials.

Otahuhu Intermediate School - 2008

Otahuhu Intermediate has contracted Globo Ltd. to work with a team of teachers with an innovative ICT/eLearning project. Three classrooms and three teachers have joined as one group to form an ICT Savvy unit as a trial for the school. The unit will use wikis to communicate and store most learning resources including ePortfolios, podcasts, digital stories etc.The students are an integral part of the planning and assessment team for the entire unit.

Central Whangarei EHSAS Project - 2008-2011

The Globo team assisted Whangarei Primary School in the formulation of a successful EHSAS proposal that is based on raising achievement through positive student engagement.
The following schools are participants in this project -
Whangarei Primary School
Whangarei Intermediate School
Hora Hora School
Morningside School


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