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Second Life

Second Life is a 3D online digital world imagined, created and owned by its residents. Explore new tools and techniques for information and scientific visualization. Design collaborative meeting spaces and interact with colleagues from across the globe. Whether you're thinking of enriching an existing curriculum or experimenting with completely new educational goals, Second Life is a platform for innovation. With Second Life, you are only limited by your imagination. Second Life is a 3D platform that can be used for: Presenting, promoting, and selling content to a broad online audience Collaborating and communicating in real time between multiple participants Researching new concepts/products.Training and educating in virtual classrooms

Second Life - Campbell Live Documentary

The virtual world ‘Second Life’ is liberating the lives those who find the real world a challenging one. Eight million people are residents of ‘Second Life - twice the population of New Zealand. But second life isn't a real country and it is not really a game either. In fact the online residents are preoccupied by very real life concerns socialising, buying real estate, making and trading items in their virtual economy. And because users can create their own alter egos - or avatars - they have the freedom to live a life that is very different to the real world.

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