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Alberta Inquiry Model

Focus on Inquiry - A Teacher's Guide to Implementing Inquiry-based Learning Alberta. Alberta Learning. Learning and Teaching Resources Branch. 2004 This document is intended for teachers and senior management to better understand the inquiry-based process and how to implement, monitor and assess student learning outcomes.

Philosophy for Children

Provides information on the Philosophy for Children programme and useful categories for developing children's thinking.


This site deals with the changes that the evolution of the second [modern] education paradigm is having on school systems around the globe. These notes can be used for educational purposes and may be cached, copied, printed off or presented for the purposes of staff professional development, seminar or conference presentations

Information Literacy & Inquiry Learning Models

There are a large number of Information Literacy, Research, or Information Problem Solving models available for teachers to use with pupils. Below is a selection of some of them.

Top 100 Tools for Learning

Summary PDF

Between January and March 2008 155 learning professionals shared  their Top 10 favourite tools for learning  (either for their own personal learning or for creating learning for others).  We used these lists to compile the Top 100 Tools for Learning Spring 2008. 

Here is the Summary Information PDF of the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008:
About the Top 100 Tools for Learning activity
*  Top 100 Tools for Learning Spring 2008
*  A Core Toolset for Learning 2008
*  25 Tools: A Free Toolset for Learning 2008

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