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moe resources

On this page you will find Ministry of Education documents and resources relevant to ICT/eLearning. You can download or link to the resources.

The National Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy 2.0 was released on Thursday 28 August 2008.

The Digital Strategy is about all New Zealanders working together to make New Zealand a leader in the digital world and to create a prosperous, sustainable and vibrant society - smarter through digital.

Enabling the 21st Century Learner

An e-Learning Action Plan for Schools 2006-2010

New Zealand Curriculum

The New Zealand Curriculum Online website. This website includes examples of how schools are implementing the NZ Curriculum, information for parents/whanau, digital stories, support for schools, updates and any other relevant information.

The Teacher Professional Learning and Development BES

The Teacher Professional Learning and Development BES illuminates the kind of professional learning for teachers that strengthens valued outcomes for diverse learners.

Extending High Standards Across Schools - EHSAS

Extending High Standards Across Schools (EHSAS) is a government initiative designed to raise student achievement by promoting excellence among the country's schools. The Extending High Standards Across Schools initiative is designed to improve student outcomes by making funding available for schools to develop and extend their proven practice in collaboration with other schools. The emphasis is on developing professional networks and improving the evidence base around processes and practices that contribute to improved student outcomes. Key Details The principles behind EHSAS are to raise student achievement by: promoting excellence in the school system; and supporting high standards. The objective of EHSAS is to improve student outcomes by assisting schools to further develop effective processes and practices with other schools. A key element of this initiative will be schools working collaboratively to extend their practice.

Software for Learning

Find out about a range of quality software available for use in New Zealand educational settings at reduced prices. The software has been reviewed by teachers and identified as supporting New Zealand schools and early childhood programmes.

e-Learning Fellowship

The e-learning teacher fellowships programme was established in 2003. It reflects the New Zealand Ministry of Education's commitment to quality teaching, improving the professional capability of teachers, and increasing the use of effective e-learning strategies in schools and early childhood centres. It recognises and rewards teachers who have demonstrated an innovative and creative approach to improving learning through information communication technology (ICT). Successful teachers are provided with up to a year's release from their classroom duties in order to carry out a research project and explore the use of emerging technologies. This gives time to focus on researching how to best meet students' learning needs in new and exciting ways.


The Digital Opportunities (DigiOps) projects are joint partnerships between schools, organisations involved in ICT and the Ministry of Education. The aim is to improve learning through the innovative use of leading edge technologies.

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